LumiTact Review

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LumiTact is home of the most elite tactical flashlights on the market today! This Lumitact review will highlight the Tactical G700 Flashlight, Tactical P280 Flashlight and the Mini G700 Flashlight. Each feature and advantage will be illustrated to provide you with the information you need to decide which is right for you. All provide unique benefits to fit in line with your specific requirements. Are you a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast? Perhaps, you are in Law Enforcement or the Military? Maybe, you are just an average citizen looking for the best flashlight for emergencies or night jog, dog walk or on-foot commute? Whatever the need you are sure to find what you are looking for with an expertly crafted, cutting edge LumiTact Tactical Flashlight!

Why Buy A LumiTact Flashlight?

LumiTact Tactical Flashlights are the best of the best. They have been recently released for public distribution. The LumiTact Flashlights are powerful, compact and light weight flashlights had formerly been the exclusive tools of Soldiers in various branches of the Military. Upon release, one Navy Seal exclaimed that the LumiTact Flashlight was the “#1 flashlight for emergency situations that could literally end up saving your life!” These are state of the art flashlights have been developed for emergency and tactical situations. If you are caught in a power outage after sever weather you are going to need a durable, long-lasting and reliable source of light. The standardized lamp life of all LumiTact Tactical Flashlights are rated for up to 100,000 hours. When the lights go out you are going to want to a flashlight that will last until the emergency situation has been resolved.

Tactical G700 Flashlight

The G700 Flashlight is a multi-features tactical flashlight designed for high performance. It produces a high output, long range beam with a luminosity rating of 700 lumens capable of reaching 200 meters! The Tactical G700 Flashlight was made to last. It is constructed with Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum, which makes it ultralight, strong and resistance to corrosion. The G700 Tactical Flashlight is made with high-grade polymer seals to keep it water-resistant as well. Aside from its heavy-duty construction, the LumiTact Tactical G700 Flashlight also comes with 5 modes. These settings include high, medium and low brightness, along with a strobe effect and an S.O.S. function. For maximum versatility, The LumiTact Tactical G700 Flashlight is telescopic, able to zoom from 1 x to 2000 x magnification. The illumination end includes rigid points that can be used to deliver a devastating blow for a last-ditch, self-defense option. At a mere 5.1 inches in length, it is easy to conveniently store anywhere!

lumitact reviewTactical P2800 Flashlight

If you are looking for a high-quality flashlight more for everyday purposes, the P280 Flashlight is what you want. The LumiTact Tactical P280 Flashlight is slender, making it perfect to store in your desk drawer, center console and even in a bag or purse (even ladies need a good flashlight!). The clip provides a convenient way to attach the LumiTact Tactical P280 Flashlight to your belt or a strap on your backpack. It may not have quite the literal blinding power of the G700, but it still provides a bright 280 lumen beam that is more practical for casual needs.

Mini G700 Flashlight

Think of the LumiTact Mini G700 Flashlight as the son of the Tactical G700 Flashlight. It boasts the same basic features as the G700 only more compact! This little guy may be small, but it is still capable of producing a super-bright 450 lumens beam to pierce even the darkest of nights. The Mini G700 Flashlight has three different settings; high, low and strobe. The LumiTact Mini G700 Flashlight still includes the telescopic zoom feature with the self-defense ridges but also comes with side clip to make it easy to carry!

LumiTact Flashlight Features:

  • Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Multiple Illumination Modes/Settings
  • Lamp Life Up To 100,000 Hours
  • Super Light Weight And Durable
  • Bright, Compact And Easy To Carry
  • Military Quality Tactical Flashlight


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Are you done with cheap flashlights that don’t last? Do you want to upgrade to a durable, lightweight and long lasting flashlight? Make the switch to a LumiTact Tactical Flashlight! These babies were designed by the makers of Military Grade Flashlights. Now, you can have the same high-powered, cutting-edge tactical flashlight as a Navy Seal or Green Beret! LumiTact offers you the high quality, tactical flashlight technology that fits the standards of the Special Forces. Get a hold of your very own today and take advantage of the 75% off discount!lumitact tactical g700 flashlight

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